Our Team


Darryl Lagerquist - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Darryl is responsible for leading the development and execution of CTIoT’s long-term strategy. With a view of disrupting industries with Internet-of-Things technology, Darryl focuses on building customer relationships and discovering new industry problems to solve.

Darryl's raison d'être: "Disrupt the temporal state - the status quo is boring and routine." 

Darryl's diverse professional experience spans 10+ years in government and private sector consulting. He holds an MBA from the University of Calgary and a degree in Public Policy from York University in Toronto.  


Arshie Cheema - Chief Technology Officer 

As CTO for ConnecTech IoT,  Arshie oversees all IT related technical activities contributing to the development of company IP.  Arshie is a salient agent of change and believe strongly in the concept of Servant Leadership.

Arshie's ConnecTech IoT portfolio focuses on Enterprise Architecture, Mergers & Acquisitions, IT Strategy, Business-Capability & Technology Roadmaps, Predictive Analytics, BI, TCO Analysis, Emerging Technology Evaluations, Market Disruption Impacts and Executive Dashboards KPIs.

Arshie's modus operandi: "Think strategic first; tactical only when absolutely required". With a professional career that spans over two decades, Arshie has experiences in a variety of industry sectors and organizational verticals. He posses an MBA from the University of Calgary, complemented by previous academic backgrounds in both the Engineering and IT disciplines.


Mike Freiter - Chief Operating Officer 

As COO for ConnecTech IoT, Mike is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. His portfolio focuses on prioritizing organizational requirements and driving performance. Mike's motto: “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”  

Mike's diverse professional career spans 20+ years straddling both the public and private sectors; challenging him to think both critically and creatively. He possess an MBA from the University of Calgary, complemented by his previous academic background in Education.